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The bulk of all rear-end collisions could be avoided – or at least, their severity could be significantly reduced – through timely braking. The forward-looking emergency braking assistant responds by activating an automatic braking system as soon as the driver’s own vehicle comes within a dangerous distance from a preceding vehicle if the driver does not respond appropriately. As a result, it can considerably reduce stopping distance.
The Emergency Brake Assist feature is available in different configurations. Rear-end collisions mostly occur in inter-urban areas. The Emergency Brake Assist-City, the entry-level version, can prevent accidents in these areas at speeds of up to 25 km/h. The Short Range Lidar sensor used to do this delivers a favorable cost-benefit ratio and is already establishing itself in the compact car segment as another standard active safety element, along with ABS and ESC. Another configuration is EBA Urban, which also works effectively at higher speeds.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduced risk of accidents, less severe consequences of accidents
  • Optimized stopping distance
  • Reduced costs associated with accidents
  • More favorable insurance Rating

The described function can be realized with the following technologies:

Multi Function Camera mit Lidar

Multi Function Camera mit Lidar – MFL

The fusion of the mono camera and lidar can avoid rear-end collisions with a speed difference of up to 50 km/h. Through the redundancy of two technologies, safety is furthermore enhanced by the distinct identification of obstacles.

Short Range Lidar

Short Range Lidar – SRL

Is fitted behind the windshield and monitors the traffic ahead. With its “Emergency Brake Assist-City” functionality it can avoid rear-end collisions in urban settings – in the speed range of up to 50 km/h at a difference of up to 25 km/h.

Long Range Radar

Long Range Radar - ARS

In addition to adaptive cruise control, the ARS offers an emergency brake assist with forward collision warning.

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