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Back-Up Assist

Back-up Assist

The back-up assist helps to avoid collisions while reversing at low speeds. The technical basis is the integrated Surround View camera technology in the demonstration vehicle. It encompasses the entirety of the vehicle’s surroundings in a 360° view and can be used for various functions.

Four fish eye cameras are built into the prototype – one at the front in the grill, one at the rear and one at the base of each side mirror. Each camera has an aperture angle of more than 180°, making it possible to have a 360° view of the vehicle’s surroundings without any gaps. Objects in the vehicle’s path which obstruct the space needed for maneuvering are recognized in the image analysis. Continental uses the image analysis from the rear camera for the back-up assist in order to avoid a collision with objects behind the vehicle. The electronic control unit for the Surround View system is connected to the vehicle’s electronic brake system and automatically brakes when a collision with a recognized object cannot otherwise be avoided. Another strength of the camera technology is its ability to not only recognize objects, but also classify objects, for example as pedestrians or cyclists.

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