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Drive and enjoy relaxed driving with ACC

Millions of car drivers all over the world enjoy relaxed driving by setting the adaptive cruise control on empty roads and not having to concentrate on the tiresome process of maintaining the car’s speed.
But over the past 30 years traffic density has risen exponentially, and few opportunities remain for drivers to enjoy the driving comfort offered by cruise control. That all has changed with our intelligent new Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which can now maintain not only the vehicle’s speed, but also the following distance.
This system follows the flow of traffic ahead of the vehicle, even if its forward progress is only stop-and-go. Even on everyday routes, such as driving to work, ACC enables a new kind of mobility, not only allowing drivers to arrive more relaxed and in greater safety, but also making driving a pleasure again despite all the hectic traffic on the roads.

Benefits & Features

  • Less stressful, more comfortable driving with the flow of traffic, e. g. on sections of road where speeds are restricted, in heavy traffic and even in traffic jams
  • ACC is a real support for the driver on the daily route to work
  • Forward looking and fuel saving driving

The above described function can be realized with the following sensor:

Long Range Radar - ARS

With its range of 250 meters it can realize adaptive cruise control, including stop & go, up to a speed of 200 km/h. In addition, it offers an emergency brake assist with forward collision warning.

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