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Assisted & Automated Driving Control Unit – ADCU


Multipurpose Processing Platform

The Assisted & Automated Driving Control Unit facilitates a safe & secure multipurpose processing platform ideally suited for applications in the realm of Highly Automated Driving (HAD).   This is achieved by integrating selected HW and SW, that is monitoring a vehicle's motion and guiding its routing states at runtime. Moreover, ADCU executes an Environment Model (EM) based on signal feeds retrieved from onboard surveillance sensors and additional info. This is passed along to its trajectory planning algorithms to determine the optimal (ecological, safe, convenient) path and to coordinate the multitude of Actuators (e.g. brake, suspension, etc.)

Technical Specifications

  • Interfaces: Chassis, Powertrain & ADAS
  • AUTOSAR architecture
  • Single/dual/multi core processor leads to faster processing
  • Multiple communication options (e.g. FlexRay, Lin, etc.)
  • Sensors: Optional on board
  • Functional safety level up to ASIL D

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced number of ECUs leads to space, cost & weight savings
  • Modular and scalable processing platform
  • Supports domain-centric vehicle topologies
  • Targets: Safety, security and performance

Product Highlights

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