Paving the way for autonomous mobility

Autonomous driving is one of the major future fields of the automotive industry. Cruising, parking, driverless, human vision and safety technologies offer unsuspected potential for making mobility more sustainable, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer. And this market is booming: forecasts show that it will multiply in the next few years.

At the same time, the variety of skills and capabilities required to realize autonomous mobility is expanding. With our safe, supportive, and complementary system solutions for assisted and automated driving as well as our 25 years of experience, Continental is driving this trend forward and developing intelligent technologies that take over more and more driving functions – if the driver is willing to. The advantage for commercial vehicles, cars, or motorcycles: increased safety, more comfort and more efficiency for the autonomous mobility of tomorrow.

From lower to higher automation levels (L1-4+), Continental offers modular and scalable solutions from surround view to automated parking systems. These are based on a seamlessly interconnected software and hardware toolset and computing infrastructure that serves the growing amount of sensor data in the vehicle for assisted and automated driving. Our broad components portfolio, which can be scaled to complete full-stack systems, includes high-resolution cameras, radars, lidars, ultrasonic sensors as well as assisted and automated driving control units.


To date, we have brought about 200 million sensors and assisted and automated driving control units onto the road for future autonomous mobility. We are convinced that even in assisted driving, the combination of different sensor technologies provides significant added value for safety, comfort and functional availability on the road. The vision of safe autonomous mobility can only be realized if the entire vehicle environment is perceived redundantly. We provide the necessary safety products and complementary solutions for more confidence in automated driving.

Newest expansion: We at Continental are now incorporating the fully scalable “CV3” system-on-chip (SoC) family from semiconductor company Ambarella into our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The powerful and energy efficient SoC solutions based on AI are tailored to assisted and automated driving applications and complement our portfolio. They offer more power, consume less energy, require less cooling and with this, save system costs.
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The integration will help to further advance vehicle automation and pave the way towards autonomous mobility. In addition, we are now intensifying our relationship towards a strategic partnership to jointly develop scalable full-stack systems for Level 2+ up to highly automated vehicles, alongside camera-based perception solutions for ADAS. The full-stack system solutions will take a multi-sensor approach with Continental’s high-resolution cameras, radars, lidars, the associated control units and the required software. First insights into the developments are shown at CES 2023. To serve the growing market for assisted and automated driving in the best possible way and thus pave the way towards autonomous mobility, the partners Continental and Ambarella aim to have these joint solutions ready for global series production in 2026.

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