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Transparent Hood – Looking straight through

The "transparent hood" is a further extension of what experts call "human vision" systems, which are based on camera displays and support the driver. Basically, this extends the surround-view system to include a view under the car. Continental combine this ‘human vision’ with a so-called ‘computer vision’.
This function went into series production for the first time at the end of 2018 in a SUV of a European car manufacturer. When driving slowly - such as when parking or off-roading - the ground beneath the engine compartment is displayed on the screen in the vehicle.

With the help of the new optical information, a vehicle can be maneuvered precisely and in a controlled manner in narrow parking spaces with high curbs, over speed bumps and potholes, or when off-roading over rocks and rough terrain. To the driver it looks as though the hood and the engine compartment beneath it are transparent.

The image of the terrain around the vehicle is provided by the satellite cameras already installed in many vehicles. They are located at the front of the radiator grill, at the rear and there is one at the bottom of each of the side mirrors. However, the satellite cameras themselves cannot depict the space underneath the car.

An intelligent Image Processing Algorithm developed by Continental, which also includes different vehicle sensor data, reconstructs the image under the vehicle and inserts this image into the surround view displayed to the driver.