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Trained Parking

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The Trained Parking function makes frequently used routes and parking procedures more convenient by using automated driving technology


Trained Parking

The Trained Parking function records and stores the sequence of a parking procedure. When learning, i.e. the first time the route is driven manually, the system generates a precise map of the surroundings from the sensor data and then stores this map. Using Trained Parking, the car records all 360 degrees of its surroundings using the standard sensors installed in the vehicle.This includes short-range radars and surround-view cameras but other sensor technologies, such as LiDAR, can also be used.

When the vehicle is in the area covered by this map, it can determine its precise position and automatically drive the learned route. The driver can exit the vehicle before activating the parking procedure as the vehicle parks without driver assistance. In doing so, Trained Parking not only relieves the driver from a tedious routine, but it also allows vehicles to park in tight spaces in parking garages without the driver having to stress about getting out.


  • Mono Camera
  • Surround View Camera
  • Short Range Radar


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