Continental Cockpit High Performance Computer (HPC)

Superior user experience (UX) for your car cockpit.

What makes up the "Wow-effect" of a car? What is it that makes the difference
We believe that that a real "Wow!" goes beyond what's visible at the first sight. Beyond the exterior design of a car. Beyond power and performance. In the future, the major difference will be made up by the user experience (UX) and software. The moment you enter a vehicle should be the moment you and it become ONE. 

The Cockpit High Performance Computer (HPC) is our centerpiece of UX in the car. With the integration of all cockpit domains into one powerful High Performance Computer it facilitates maximum personalization for driver and passengers. At the same time it offers reduced cost and complexity for vehicle manufacturers over the whole vehicle lifecycle. 
Managing the entire human-machine interface (HMI) centrally – visual, audible and tactile – it creates a symbiosis of cockpit functionalities that lifts both the ease and joy-of-use to an all new level. The real "Wow-effect" for your car interior.

A peek into the future cockpit.

How high performance computers shape the user experience (UX)

In our free, 60-minute webinar, Continental’s Christof Menzenbach, Stefan Wagener, and Jochen Möller discussed how high-performance computers (HPCs) are enabling a superior user experience (UX) for the vehicle of the future. More than 400 UX-thrilled people signed up for the live session to get a glimpse into HMI innovations that will shape the future cockpit.

Couldn't attend live? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a recording of the webinar.

Car interior with a wow.

A new era of UX with the Cockpit HPC

It might be the most significant shift in the car world that most drivers never thought or even heard about: the introduction of centralized high-performance computers, or HPCs for short. HPCs stand for a fundamental redesign of the vehicle E/E-architecture and allow for the integration of multiple function domains into few in-vehicle servers. This approach offers a number of benefits such as easier updateability & upgradability, faster time-to-market, ... - and a whole new UX. Why is that?



As part of Continental's HPC familiy, the Cockpit HPC is bridging the gap from today's distributed to an integrated and centralized vehicle architecture in the future.
This powerful cockpit domain controller manages all input and output devices of a vehicle centrally on one single electronic control unit (ECU), offering new opportunities to create a unique and consistent UX design throughout the entire car. 
As a scalable system with potentially enormous computing power, the Cockpit HPC is a key enabler for innovations that will shape the future in-vehicle user experience. 

More "Wow!" inside the box.


The technological basis of the Cockpit HPC is a sophisticated software architecture in combination with a powerful state-of-the-art hardware platform, engineered by our greatest minds. By that, it offers maxium performance, maximum flexibility and maximum "Wow!".


Cockpit HPC Software ArchitectureThe Cockpit HPC system platform serves scalable performance and architecture requirements, offering maximum flexibility. So called Hypervisor software enables the virtual encapsulation of the multiple function domains, running on the HPC. This approach supports functional safety, allowing for a real-time OS (operating system) to run in an encapsulated domain, or partition.

Despite the encapsulation of domains, the User Experience is consistent across all displays, content can be shifted seamlessly and the design is fluent. Graphics and audio are being shared across all partitions.

The Cockpit HPC opens the door for 3rd party apps and cloud services and supports hardware independent software development. In combination with our secure software over-the-air (OTA) solution, this enables greater updateability and upgradeability for the cockpit of the future.

The cockpit of the future.

Cockpit HPC - Designed for innovations

User interfaces that recognize and adapt to the driver, 3D displays, Augmented Reality Head-Up displays, on demand displays and buttons - innovations like these will change the way we interact with vehicles. Our Cockpit HPC is developed in the context of Continental's HMI innovations and is tailored to enable a new UX in the cockpit of the future. 

A perfect match.

Continental x Pioneer

The change of the vehicle architecture and the growing amount of functionalities on HPC's also requires new ways of collaboration between specialized companies to create a perfect solution. One example is our strategic cooperation with the Pioneer Corporation. Jointly, we are creating a Cockpit HPC variant that is specifically aimed at the Asian market. Continental integrates Pioneer's entire infotainment subdomain into the Cockpit HPC which clearly demonstrates the flexibility of this powerful platform. 


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Wow! But how?

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