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Management Board

Here you can find information on the Powertrain Management Board

José Avila
José Avila Member of the Executive Board Continental AG, Powertrain Division


Business Units
Wolfgang Breuer
Wolfgang Breuer Executive Vice President Engine Systems Business Unit, Powertrain Division
Dr. Markus Distelhoff
Dr. Markus Distelhoff Executive Vice President Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit, Powertrain Division
José Avila
José Avila Executive Vice President Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit, Powertrain Division
Klaus Hau
Klaus Hau Executive Vice President Sensors & Actuators Business Unit,
Powertrain Division
Stephan Rebhan
Stephan Rebhan Executive Vice President Transmission Business Unit, Powertrain Division
Powertrain Functions
Vera Schmitt
Vera Schmitt Vice President Business Development & Strategy, Powertrain Division
Dr. Anne-Kathrin Bräu
Dr. Anne-Kathrin Bräu Vice President Communications, Powertrain Division

Harald Stuhlmann
Harald Stuhlmann Senior Vice President Finance & Controlling, Powertrain Division

Annette Grimm
Annette Grimm Senior Vice President Human Relations, Powertrain Division
Peter Reidegeld
Peter Reidegeld Senior Vice President Purchasing & Total Cost Management, Powertrain Division
Dr. Oliver Maiwald
Dr. Oliver Maiwald Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation, Powertrain Division