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Ergonomic Driver Technologies

Working on rough terrain and in extreme weather conditions poses challenges to operators and machines. Continental solutions stand for durability, reliability and accurate control at all times whilst offering the highest possible level of comfort. 


  • Noise Vibration Harshness Optimization

    • Tracks and Tires
    • Power Transmission Belts
    • Cabin Suspension with Vibration Isolation Elements
    • Active Seat Suspension
  • Material Optimization & Comfort

    • Innovative Interior Surfaces for Seats, Door Panels and Dashboards
    • Air Conditioning Hoses
  • Human-Machine-Interface Technologies

    • Digital Cluster Instrument
    • Touch Displays with Haptic Feedback
    • Mirror Replacement
    • Warning Attention System (HALO)
    • Headup Display
    • Camera Systems (incl. 360°)
    • Radios, Smartphone Connectivity
    • Augmented Reality
    • Vehicle Access Systems
    • Driver Monitoring System

Product Highlights

  • Surface Materials
    Surface Materials

    Surface materials for the interiors of off-road vehicles are often exposed to extensive heavy use: they need to be functional and withsta...

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  • ProViu® 360 (Agriculture)
    ProViu® 360 (Agriculture)

    Greater situational awareness using advanced driver assistance.

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  • Remote Keyless Entry
    Remote Keyless Entry

    Here you can find all relevant information regarding Remote Keyless Entry.

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  • DAB Radio with CD/USB/Bluetooth®
    DAB Radio with CD/USB/Bluetooth®

    CD Radio with DAB tuner to listen radio with digital sound Quality.

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