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System Engineering: Exhaust After-treatment & Efficient Powertrain Innovative and Efficient System Solutions for Vehicle Powertrains

Our solutions make mobility not only more powerful and environmentally friendly, but also enhance comfort and functionality. With a comprehensive portfolio of diesel, gasoline and alternative solutions, we offer our customers a full range of components. In Off-Highway we are facing globally increasing emission regulations. Continental can support you with various components such as sensors, catalysts, control modules, dosing systems, anti-vibration elements, drive belts, and various hose lines.

Solutions for upcoming emission legislations already existing from onroad applications.
  • Engine & SCR Controller Units / Software
  • SCR Dosing Unit & Injectors
  • Sensors & Actuators (NOx, PM, Temp., Pressure, Valves…)
  • Catalyst Substrates (incl. heated) & Filters
  • Heated Urea (DEF) Hose Lines
  • Connected / Learning Control for efficient Powertrain


Product Highlights

  • Liquid-Cooled SCR Injector
    Liquid-Cooled SCR Injector

    This product is a liquid-cooled SCR dosing unit for NOx reduction in close coupled applications.

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  • Smart NOx Sensor (Aluminum)
    Smart NOx Sensor (Aluminum)

    The sensor measures the NOx upstream and downstream of the SCR catalyst to control the Urea dosing and to diagnose the operation of the S...

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  • Catalyst Substrate & Foil Design
    Catalyst Substrate & Foil Design

    Here you can find information and products regarding Catalyst Substrate and Foil Design.

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