Technology Trends

We are always on the move to improve the mobility of people. Our products make up intelligent solutions that serve and often set trends. Our expertise provides systems for eff icient and environmentally friendly drive technology, automation and connectivity as well as a variety of solutions for safe and easy communication between operators and machines.

  • Driver Technologies
    Driver Technologies

    Ergonomic Driver Technologies: Optimized Operation Efficiency, Robustness, Comfort & Safety

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  • Connectivity

    Connectivity Technologies & Services Key driver for Efficiency & Reliability in Construction & Mining

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  • Automation

    Highly Automated & Intelligent Construction Equipment & Precision Farming Sensor Fusion, Geo Maps & Automated Driving are Key

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  • After-treatment

    System Engineering: Exhaust After-treatment & Efficient Powertrain

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  • E/E Architecture
    E/E Architecture

    E/E Architecture Tailor-made system architecture

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