Construction & Mining

Build on a better performance and increased efficiency in the construction & mining industry.

  • Cabin & Interiors
    Cabin & Interiors

    Working on rough terrain and in extreme weather conditions poses challenges to operators and machines. Continental solutions stand for durability, reliability and accurate control at all times whilst offering the highest possible level of comfort.

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  • Powertrain

    Please find here all relevant information and products regarding the powertrain of Off-Highway vehicles.

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  • Chassis & Body
    Chassis & Body

    Sensors, surround view, control units play a vital role in vehicle movement and protection. Suspension Solutions increase riding comfort and protect the vehicle.

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  • Tires & Tracks
    Tires & Tracks

    Safe grip even on rough terrain: Continental tires & tracks are known for excellent stability, durability and damping characteristics.

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  • Equipment & Machinery
    Equipment & Machinery

    Perfectly equipped for the tough conditions in everyday construction site work.

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