intARact – The mixed reality app


intARact, the new mixed reality app from Continental.

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intARact, the new mixed reality app from Continental.

Experience our innovative technology first hand.

The new mixed reality intARact app from Continental uses fascinating features of digitalization as forms of communication. Immerse yourself in the world of our innovative products through augmented and virtual reality. Experience the newest functions and applications of our solutions – even before production has started.
Another advantage of intARact: Through a news channel you can stay informed about the latest developments from the Interior Division and beyond.

Key Features
  • VR - 360° interactive virtual reality experience of our various technologies.
  • AR – Bring the pages of the “Always On.” interactive magazine to life with futuristic augmented reality features.
  • News Channel – From here you can stay “Always On.” with the Interior Division through push notifications that keep you up to date.
  • Contact Form – The contact form makes it easy to get in touch with us, ask questions or voice your opinion.
  • QR – Simply scan QR codes to discover more content.

Try intARact with our new interactive brochure “Always On. What moves the connected people of tomorrow”. It uses a fresh, modern magazine style to present how our solutions and services today shape tomorrows future of mobility. Immerse yourself in the world of our future-oriented solutions using augmented or virtual reality.
To do so, simply download our interactive image brochure from the download area of ​​this page. The new mixed reality intARact app from the Interior Division can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With intARact it is possible to display the augmented or virtual reality content from the brochure on your smartphone or tablet.

The Continental Cardboard VR glasses are available for an even more immersive experience. These are specialized VR glasses into which you can insert your smartphone. Simply unpack the cardboard and assemble, start the app, select a virtual reality feature and choose the Cardboard mode. Place your phone in the smartphone slot and enjoy for example the VR experience of automated driving.