Carries the heavy stuff around on its own.

Safe. Smart. Autonomous.

We’re out to change the world of intralogistics. Making it more flexible and more efficient. Autonomous is the word. We used our automotive expertise and our automotive grade components and turned our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) into a highly reliable and autonomous flexible partner with both a heavy duty and a compact design.
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Recording from the Hannover Messe

„Value Creation by Autonomous Mobile Robots in Industry 4.0 Ecosystems”

You want to know more about Autonomous Mobile Robots and you missed our key note speech at last week’s HANNOVER MESSE 2021? Don’t wait and check out the recording.


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European Robotics Forum 2021

During the last weeks, our Continental Autonomous Mobile Robot has been quite busy. Next to the HANNOVER MESSE 2021, our AMR also presented itself together with further innovative Continental robots at the European Robotics Forum 2021, which is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe.

From AGV to AMR

There are many different types of vehicles in intralogistics. Yet they all stand for a slightly different technology.
Whereas AGV stands for an “Automated Guided Vehicle”, an AMR is an “Autonomous Mobile Robot” i.e. it no longer needs any additional lanes or magnetic strips in the floors to guide it, but uses a range of sensors to find its way around the facility and is thus easier, quicker and more cost-effective to set-up and running. Our AMR could therefore also be called aAGV “Autonomous Automated Guided Vehicle.

Making automated material flow a reality

Analyzing and understanding the environment. Taking the right decision, autonomously. All this is part of the set-up of our AMR and the system behind it.

The future of production logistics is here

Here at Continental, we are already putting the future of intralogistics into place. Our own production facilities already benefit from the autonomous robot.  As a large-scale manufacturer of automotive components, we know first-hand what benefits can be achieved by their implementation.

Strong, robust and reliable

Technology developed for the automotive environment is well know for being extremely robust, reliable and performant. Nothing less goes into our mobile robot.
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  • Fully autonomous without installations on the shop floor 
  • CE Certified
  • Heavy duty application
  • Can carry weights of up to 1.200 kg
  • Flat design (224mm height)
  • Dimensions (mm): 1430 x 630 x 224
  • Li-Ion battery, ready for 24/7 operation.
  • Remote servicing feature for quick and easy diagnosis and repairs
  • Cloud connectivity for easy updates
  • Obstacles detection and bypassing
  • 360 degree sourround perception

Hardware that performs at all times

The hardware is designed to give the mobile robot the best set-up in being able to detect and analyze its own surrounding. The better the sensors, the better the detection and the analysis and thus the performance of the mobile robot. This is where our automotive expertise comes in: our sensors are of automotive grade, giving them a high-level of robustness and availability. This advanced automotive hardware combines the world of both laser and camera, providing for a 360° view of the vehicle’s surrounding for best performance and safety.


At the core of our thinking is the smart and easy to use software. The software has already been tested in different environments and situations and offers easy mapping so that your operations can get off to a quick start. Furthermore, it is easy to install and operate with its easy to use interface design.

Fleet Management

Being in control of all movements at any time does not require your active attention anymore. Thanks to our fleet management, traffic, order allocation and charging are being handled while status and position of our robots can be monitored in real time.


Backed by one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, you can rely on a global network of support.


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