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Vehicle Networking and Information (VNI)

About Us

Always On. What moves the connected people of tomorrow.

Our vision “Always On” sees the vehicle of the future as a partner that supports its passengers with intelligent and secure solutions. For us, tomorrow’s vehicle is seamlessly networked, userfriendly, comfortable and intelligent. Connectivity is paving the way for a safer, more efficient and more comfortable driving experience and vehicles are thus becoming a “smart device”, keeping drivers and passengers well informed at all times.

The human-machine interface also plays a key role for future mobility. It structures and visualizes information quickly and clearly, while taking into account the driving situation and the driver’s condition. Users are continuously receiving reliable feedback on all their actions. This takes the strain off the driver, strengthens the trust in individual vehicle functions and is an important aspect on the road toward automated driving.

With our system integration competences we develop end-to-end solutions based on hardware and software that are cost-competitive but also highly innovative.We serve standard applications and function but also develop solutions that take into account the growing demand for computing power to serve future applications, functions and whole vehicle architectures for holistic connectivity and user experience or for autonomous driving.

We are also creating innovative new functions and services that go beyond the vehicle and create added value for our customers and for the end user. We also continuously expand our service business regarding fleet management. Strategic partnerships, majority and minority stockholdings and acquisitions play an important part to expand our expertise and strength.


The Business Units of VNI

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    Our Human Machine Interface (HMI) business unit makes that drivers and passengers are optimally informed and can control functions in a user friendly way. Developing solutions from instrument clusters, head-up displays and displays solutions, through to control panels, central input devices, and morphing controls, HMI makes the processing and management of information easy, intuitive and reliable. But HMI is also the right partner when it comes to infotainment. Advanced radio & multimedia solutions reflect the growing demand to seamlessly transfer the digital lifestyle of consumers into the vehicle and offer an innovative user experience. New products like our Cross Domain Hub merge innovative display solutions, with superior input devices and state-of-the-art infotainment, to reach a new level of comfort and security.

    Our HMI solutions are also an enabler for autonomous driving.


  • Connected Car Networking (CCN)

    Connected Car Networking (CCN)

    The Connected Car Networking (CCN) business unit stands for seamless connectivity and modern vehicle Electric/Electronic architectures. CCN develops pioneering technologies and services to connect vehicles with the outside world in a secure and reliable way process and manage the in-vehicle data in new vehicle Electric/Electronic architectures and digitalize the access experience to the vehicle for maximum driver convenience. CCN integrates smart devices into the automotive ecosystem for a holistic user experience.

    With reliable communication and connectivity across domain boundaries, CCNs solutions improve vehicle efficiency (e. g. High Performance Computer, Body Control Modules, Tire Information Systems), convenience (e.g. Virtual Keys, Power Door, Intelligent Glass Control, Smart Device Integration) and security. Full end-to-end solutions enable various services around the vehicle, e.g. secure OTA updates and remote vehicle diagnostics, virtual key based services as well as OEM and 3rd party software integration.

    Our Connected Car Networking solutions are key enabler for future intelligent and autonomously driving vehicles.


  • Commercial Vehicles and Services (CVS)

    Commercial Vehicles and Services (CVS)

    Commercial Vehicles and Services (CVS) business unit uses the expertise and solutions of our two other business units to serve the commercial and special vehicle markets. Furthermore, CVS portfolio covers the aftermarket, bringing in our additional brands – Galfer, VDO and ATE - and providing high quality spare and replacement parts. CVS also offers solutions for new mobility services and new vehicle functions, and is responsible for creating and implementing solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems. Tying in products from across the division and adapting and adding to them for the commercial vehicle market.

    For more information about our products and services for digital tachographs please visit our tachograph website:
    For more information about our products and services for the independent aftermarket please visit our websites of ATE and VDO:

    An additional area of our business is the Original Equipment Service