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About Us

Always On. What moves the connected people of tomorrow.

Our vision “Always On” sees the vehicle of the future as a partner that supports its users with intelligent solutions. For us, tomorrow’s vehicle is seamlessly connected, userfriendly, comfortable and intelligent. Holistic connectivity is paving the way for a safer, more efficient and more comfortable driving experience and is the key to the digitalization of mobility. Vehicles are thus becoming the next “smart device”. The connected vehicle will become part of the “Internet of Everything”, keeping its occupants and itself informed at all times. Electric and hybrid vehicles as well as their route planning, for instance, are particularly important.
The holistic human-machine interface also plays a key role. It structures and visualizes information quickly and clearly, while taking into account the driving situation and the driver’s condition. Users are continuously receiving reliable feedback on all their actions. This strengthens their trust in individual vehicle functions and is an important aspect on the road toward automated driving.
We are also starting to focus on innovative business models such as the connectivity of attractive, urban living spaces of the future and the expansion of service business regarding fleet management. Strategic partnerships, majority and minority stockholdings and acquisitions play an important part to expand our expertise.

We contribute our system competence and develop approaches with interconnected hardware and software components that dynamically adapt to the preferences and needs of users as well as to the situation and environment. As engineers for engineers, we collaborate closely with our business partners to create integrated concepts for the user. Concepts that also help our customers to stand out successfully on the market.


The Business Units of the Interior Division

  • Instrumentation & Driver HMI
    Driving with everything well within reach and view

    In our Instrumentation & Driver HMI business unit, we work on solutions to optimally process and present information. In this context, one focal point is on prioritizing the information that is shown on different display areas – depending on the vehicle and driving situation. Moreover, we develop innovative control elements for an intuitive use of the various functions. Not only do we offer individual components, but we also provide integrated systems and complete cockpit modules for our customers.
    Our product spectrum includes:

    • Instrument Clusters
    • Secondary Displays
    • Head-up Displays
    • Climate Controls
    • Control Panels
    • Central Input Devices
    • Cockpit Modules


  • Infotainment & Connectivity

    Intelligent infotainment on the go

    Our Infotainment & Connectivity business unit develops and produces infotainment systems for all vehicle categories. It provides ways to conveniently hook up mobile devices and establish networks to the outside world and offers solutions that promote safe and economical motoring. We support drivers in this way so that they can devote their full attention to driving.
    Our product spectrum includes:

    • Radios
    • Connected radio & entry navigation
    • Multimedia systems
    • Embedded telematics
    • Device connectivity
    • Software & special solutions


  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Intelligent Transportation System

    Intelligent transportation systems involve more than vehicle components, but rather services and new functions that make transport and travelling safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Examples of this include applications that use data from other vehicles, from the infrastructure or from a backend (the cloud) to provide information about dangers and obstacles on the road,as well as entirely novel functions in the fields of journey, fleet and traffic management.
    ITS is only possible if a representative amount of data can be collected, processed and made available. In real time. And we are working on it.


  • Body & Security
    Enhancing comfort and safety.

    Body & Security

    The Body & Security business unit focuses on the development and production of electronic systems that enable access to vehicles, control driving authorization and ensure the availability of security and comfort features within the vehicle.
    Our product spectrum includes:

    • Central Body Control Modules
    • Access Control Systems
    • Door Control Units
    • Seat Comfort Systems
    • Power Closures
    • Tire Information Systems
    • Gateways
    • Power Stabilization
    • LED Light Control Units
    • Intelligent Street Light solutions
    • Intelligent Glass Control
    • Intelligent Antenna Modules
    • Smart Device Integration


  • Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM)
    Confident mastery of special tasks.


    The Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Business Unit accommodates the specific requirements of the commercial vehicle, special vehicle and aftermarket sector. A global network of sales and service companies ensures proximity to local customers.
    Covering the product brands Continental, VDO, ATE and Barum the Business Unit offers electronic products, systems and services for commercial and special vehicles, a broad selection of products for specialized workshops and spare parts for the Independent Aftermarket and the Original Equipment Services after end of series production of the vehicle manufacturer.

    With more than 80 years of experience in the commercial vehicle segment, this Business Unit develops and produces products that make commercial and special vehicles safer, cleaner, more fuel-efficient and makes their use in day-to-day business more efficient. Thus, it has been able to establish itself as the market and technology leader for example in the tachograph segment.

    For more information about our products and services for digital tachographs please visit our tachograph website:
    For more information about our products and services for the independent aftermarket please visit our websites of ATE and VDO:

    An additional area of our business is the Original Equipment Service