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eHorizon Map APIs

Extension of MAP-Data (Distribution Service, Road Geometry Service, …) It is a family of generic, server-side REST services (Map Distribution Service, Road Geometry Service, etc.) providing access to map related content and functionality.  

eHorizon Event APIs

Dynamic Data for various Use-Cases (Road Hazard, Parking, Weather etc.)Family of generic, server-side REST services (Road Hazard Service, Road Weather Service, etc.) providing access to dynamic content and functionality.

eHorizon Road Database APIs

 Web service that provides enrichment of data in existing maps with the option to provide future custom-made maps in HD quality. Map suppliers are looking for data sources to build their HD maps. Continental could fill this need by offering a web service that gives map suppliers access to high accuracy, permanently fresh, low cost data generated by the Road Database products.

More Information and the possibility to download eHorizon APIs, you can find on our developer portal


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