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Expand your vehicles senses

Map as a Service - eHorizon

The street. There are more and more participants moving there. It's good to know what to expect. At the destination, on the way there, or now ... But what does eHorizon do ... it provides your vehicle with the data it needs to simply see and know more. It makes their environment more transparent.
With the eHorizon technology, existing map data can be supplemented, improved or created, as well as new additional services. Data is updated almost in real time and made available to the vehicles via Continental.cloud. An important building block for highly automated driving - for better cars, better cities, a better life.

eHorzion – crowd sourced content generation from road vehicles

eHorizon distinguishes between different types of content. Basically, our data is based on crowd sourced data collected by many different road users.

We understand ourselves as a road data and solutions provider for our customers, based on crowd-sourced content. Behind eHorizon is a complex network of data collection through Crowdsourcing including the analysis and application of various solutions – Collect, Analyse, Provide.

With our technology we…

enhance maps
  • by providing regular updates and maintenance through 
  • crowd sourced data
enrich maps
  • by supplementing map data with crowd-sourced
  • dynamic road information and data analytics
create maps
  • based on solely crowd-sourced HD map data
  • through vehicle sensing technologies


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