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  • RCK shared vehicle access platform – RCK is offered as a platform service with flexible APIs that gives business the freedom & flexibility to integrate Access with the workflows as business models demand.
  • RCK is retrofittable – RCK solution is available for both new and existing vehicles. RCK can be retrofitted to existing vehicles in the market without the need to modify other components or the wiring harness of the vehicle.
  • RCK device works across most OEMs – RCK can cover the majority of all access protocols in use today and we are continuously adding support to additional protocols.
  • RCK is secure – RCK uses vehicle’s native RF protocols to communicate with the vehicle to enable access and is as secure as using a physical key-fob to lock/unlock the vehicle.
  • RCK is scalable – The Continental Backend Services are delivered through a micro services architecture. This allows the solution to scale easily and automate the orchestration.


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