Management Board

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Chassis & Safety Division

Management Board

The Management Board of the Chassis & Safety Division.
Frank Jourdan
Member of the Executive Board Continental AG
and President of the Chassis & Safety Division
Matthias Matic
Matthias Matic
Executive Vice President
Business Unit Vehicle Dynamics
Dr. Bernhard Klumpp
Executive Vice President
Business Unit Hydraulic Brake Systems
Laurent Fabre
Executive Vice President Business Unit Passive Safety and Sensorics
Karl Haupt
Karl Haupt Executive Vice President
Business Unit ADAS
Ralph Lauxmann
Ralph Lauxmann Senior Vice President Systems & Technology
Harald Stuhlmann
Senior Vice President Finance, Controlling & Law

Friedrich Angerbauer
Friedrich Angerbauer Senior Vice President Purchasing

Nicole Orgnon
Nicole Orgnon Vice President Communications
Rainer Hetzer
Rainer Hetzer

Senior Vice President Human Relations

Samir Salman
Samir Salman Senior Vice President Chassis & Safety NAFTA
Berthold Wolfram
Berthold Wolfram President of Continental Japan, President and CEO of Continental Automotive Corporation Japan
and President of Chassis & Safety Division Japan/Korea
Bin Huo
Bin Huo
Vice President & Managing Director China Chassis & Safety Division