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Anti-Collision Protection

A.D.C. RADAR sensors – known from the driver assistance systems in automotive industry – can recognize dangerous situations and output corresponding warnings with the aid of one of their recognition functions downstream collision avoidance software.

Thereby the user can choose the suitable configuration for his application under many possibilities.

It is possible amongst others, to determine different surroundings (protect zones) in the two-dimensional recognition area and to act there supervising under different issues (time and geometry dependent  reviews).

Thereby basically it can be the function of a motion indication in monitored areas to the point of monitoring of approach objects (from different directions).

Further it is possible to consider an own speed of the object on which the RADAR sensor has been installed.

The benefit for the user is the high independence of the weather conditions of the sensors and the physical characteristics of the radar technology, especially at outdoor operation.   Further it is beneficial, that all arithmetic operations and the complete collision protection analysis will be done in the sensor internally. An additional downstream evaluation unit basically is not necessary.

In case the recognized targets are periodic targets, the typically radar reflectors could be mounted at this targets for better and safer recognition.Respective to all further technical data the A.D.C. product datasheet will be valid, which you can download also from this website.

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