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Origination Industrial Sensors December 2009
Origins Basis of the department “Industrial Sensors” has been the development and manufacturing of sensors for driver assistance systems in automotive industry (ADAS = Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
Goal Transfer of ADAS sensors to industry and other markets
Branches Vehicular industry, crane systems, traffic systems, conveyance systems, elevator systems, steel industry, timber industry, transport systems, agricultural systems, warehouse systems
Applications Collision avoidance, positioning, general distance measuring, route guidance, track guidance, edge detection, classification, speed measurement, object detection, motion indication


Driver Assistance Sensors give new possibilities for industrial applications

Continental is a global market leader for driver assistance systems. More than one million sensors worldwide of the division Chassis & Safety are used for monitoring the road traffic in cars, for measurement of distances and velocities of other traffic, for recognition of lane markings, headlights or traffic signs, These sensors are characterized by their robust design and high level of stability under load. With these outstanding properties the sensors present an optimum solution for the industrial sector.

ACC sensors record the distance and speed of preceding vehicles. This information is utilized to automatically control vehicle-to-vehicle ranging with acceleration and braking intervention.

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