Acella® Seat Cover Material

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Acella® Seat Cover Material

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Acella® Seat Cover Material with Integrated Humidity Sensor

Whether technical surfaces or “genuine-leather” technology is required, Acella® offers it all. Proven in production vehicles, good abrasion resistance.

Technical Specification

  • Construction: Surface Material
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm-1.4 mm
  • Application: Seat, Insert, Console, Upper Instrument Panel
  • Backing: Textile, Polyurethane Foam, Sandwich Foam
  • Processing Method: Cut & Sew, Back Injection Moulding

Acella® seat cover material

Benefits & Features

  • Cost-efficient decorative material
  • Available with bi-tone color in one sheet
  • Free of reproduction toxic plasticizers
  • Free of stabilizers containing heavy metals
  • Can be designed low-emission
  • Integration of electrical sensor elements possible to measure temperature and humidity


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