Acella® Hylite Concept

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Acella® Hylite Concept

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Acella® Hylite Concept

Translucent Material with Integrated Control Button

Smart surface material: The translucent Acella Hylite trim material enables special light effects and therefore contributes to greater road safety. Varying light sources integrated in surfaces enable personalized color adaptation. In the event of fatigue or dangerous traffic situations, a change in the color of the surfaces could increase the driver’s awareness level again.

Acella® Hylite Concept

Acella Hylite® with special light effects

Technical Specification

  • Available only in limited colors and SEV
  • Fulfills Daimler TL DBL 5348 AA 60 specifications
  • Light has to be behind the SEV textile and flame laminated foam has to be removed in front of the light

Benefits & Features

  • Light-permeable materials offer the ability to create new potentials for light designs using various types of lighting.
  • When combined with different colors, structures and textures, new effects can be designed.
  • The color and intensity of the light sources enable effects which can be adapted to suit particular moods.
  • Capacitive sensors not only hide functionalities but also offers potentials in weight reduction and additional cost savings.


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