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Mobility Services

Thanks to the progress of digitalization and connectivity of mobility, new business models evolve. Our concepts of holistic connectivity is the basis that makes mobility services, in addition to our classic product business, the next key pillar of Continental.

Our eHorizon is one use case with which Continental demonstrates how a vehicle provides important traffic information to the cloud and other road users using a so-called crowd sourcing function in the driver assistance camera. Numerous mobility services can be implemented on the basis of the resulting database and the better a vehicle knows its environment, the safer, more efficient and more user-friendly it is on the road. Our eHorizon database is also a central element in the development of automated vehicles.

Another example of new applications that announces the concept of holistic connectivity in its name is the Holistic Connectivity Car from Continental. With this application, the company not only demonstrates how a vehicle becomes part of the Internet of Everything, but also offers an insight into the development of new services such as Using eHorizon technology as a basis, this solution will turn your vehicle into a mobile weather station. The service, which was devised in collaboration with Météo-France, not only increases driving safety and comfort, but also acts as a data supplier for weather forecasts. Continental has also constructed a special-purpose, outdoor test field in France comprising 200 vehicles, which allows testing concepts like this and to develop new services.
In the world of fleet management in particular, connectivity opens up whole new possibilities and enables, for example, remote and anticipatory diagnostics. vAnalytics and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics are two examples of Continental services that are already available.
Through the application of VoicR, Continental is also transforming the 40-year-old analog CB (citizens band) radio technology into a digital, speech and location-based social ad hoc network with real-time functionality. In so doing, the technology company is creating new solutions for efficient, secure and future-oriented fleet management, especially aimed at fleet operators and the commercial vehicle market.

VoicR Trucker
Whether rental via an app, vehicle access via a smartphone, personalized seat adjustment or even remote diagnostics: Continental will demonstrate how holistic connectivity is changing the mobility experience of rental car users by means of a vehicle that brings together the technologies making up the rental car of the future into a single ecosystem.


Holistic Connectivity Car


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    eHorizon makes driving safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. In addition, it forms a basis for several new applications.

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    The Remote Cloud Key (RCK) solution from Continental ITS is a highly scalable, secure cloud managed remote keyless access service for cars.

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  • VoicR

    By integrating VoicR on the ZonarTM tablet, we increases value add for fleet operators by enabling seamless communication.

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