Automated Driving

Automated driving will make our personal mobility a more comfortable experience and help attain other important objectives as well.

  • Experience Lounge
    Experience Lounge

    Automated Driving – an evolutionary and revolutionary path to seamless mobility

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  • Realisation Platform
    Realisation Platform

    Having the right portfolio of sensors is essential for Automated Driving. Here, Continental can offer a comprehensive range of sensors, from high-flash lidar, camera and radars that are at the edge of today’s technology.

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  • Interaction Concept
    Interaction Concept

    A Holistic Human-Machine Interface: the driver takes back the driving task.

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  • Motion Control
    Motion Control

    Have a look out our redundant brake function for automated driving.

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  • Tires

    A new level of comfort enhanced by German technology.

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  • Continental Air Supply
    Continental Air Supply

    New concept of an integrated Air Supply & Control Unit for 4Corner Air Suspension Systems.

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