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Function development: We program the driving functions of tomorrow

In our Driving Functions department, we design and implement the driving functions and features that end customers can experience in their vehicles every day.

Our area of responsibility includes the creation of requirements and coordination with vehicle manufacturers, ranging from driving behavior at the vehicle level to the software module level. We design complex functional architectures to effectively implement features. An integral part of our daily work is the programming of the software function components. In this process, we check the functionality directly in virtual development environments in order to receive immediate feedback accompanying development.

Driving functions disburden the driver with increasing levels of automation

We work with the data of the environment representation which are generated from sensor data of the environment models. In doing so, we predict the behavior of other road users and create an overall understanding of the situation. Based on this, we carry out behavioral and trajectory planning. We then directly control the actuators of the vehicle with a trajectory series controller, allowing us to determine the functional performance to a large degree.

The implementation is done mainly by means of the programming languages C and C++, but we also use Matlab/Simulink for control engineering tasks. In addition, we can increasingly rely on our internally developed Machine Learning Toolchain, which is based on TensorFlow, among other things.

We work in agile teams and collaborate, inter alia, with Functional Safety, Architecture, and Test & Validation, in order to develop intelligent and safe driving functions.

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