Please find here all relevant information and products regarding the powertrain of Off-Highway vehicles.

  • Combustion & Torque
    Combustion & Torque

    Everything important with regard to combustion and torque for Off-Highway vehicles can be found on these pages.

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  • Exhaust Management & After-treatment
    Exhaust Management & After-treatment

    These pages highlight information and products focusing on the topics exhaust management and after-treatment.

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  • Fuel Supply & Evaporation
    Fuel Supply & Evaporation

    A robust and reliable fuel supply is the basis for your safe and efficient machine solutions.

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  • Gas Exchange
    Gas Exchange

    Here you can find all relevant information and products regarding gas exchange.

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  • Lubrication

    Relevant information and products regarding lubrication can be found on these pages.

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  • Thermal Management
    Thermal Management

    On these pages you can find relevant information and products on thermal management for Off-Highway vehicles.

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  • Transmission Systems
    Transmission Systems

    Robust transmission systems for machines that need to operate reliably even in tough conditions.

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  • Suspension & Anti Vibration
    Suspension & Anti Vibration

    Suspension and anti vibration systems for various applications in the industrial vehicles powertrain.

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  • Drive Belts
    Drive Belts

    Innovative drive solutions for industrial applications.

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  • Hose Lines
    Hose Lines

    Hose Lines for Powertrain Applications: Overall Competence for all Types of Media Flows

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