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  • Transparent Hood
    Transparent Hood

    The "transparent hood" is a further extension of what experts call "human vision" systems, which are based on camera displays and support the driver.

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  • Ac2ated Sound
    Ac2ated Sound

    A disruptive solution for your premium sound system.

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  • Virtual seminar: High Performance Computer
    Virtual seminar: High Performance Computer

    Watch the recording of our virtual seminar to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of High-Performance Computer in the vehicle.

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  • ARS540

    The ARS540 is a high performance premium long-range radar sensor which enables highly automated driving in combination with other technologies.

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  • Continental and EasyMile
    Continental and EasyMile

    Continental, EasyMile and Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone sign a Joint Venture Memorandum of Understanding.

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  • MK C1 CO₂ Reduction
    MK C1 CO₂ Reduction

    TÜV Test Confirms: Continental MK C1 brake system reduces CO₂ emissions of hybrid vehicles by around 5 g/km.

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  • Morphing Controls
    Morphing Controls

    With Morphing Controls clean vehicle cockpit surfaces become intuitive user interfaces.

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  • Motion Controller
    Motion Controller

    The Motion Controller is a key component and enabler for highly automated and autonomous driving.

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  • Body High-Performance Computer
    Body High-Performance Computer

    Our Body High-Performance Computer enables functions and services that need high processing power - for example automated driving or multimedia applications.

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  • Remote Garage Parking
    Remote Garage Parking

    This feature makes parking the vehicle in the garage a lot easier.

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  • Overview
    Remote Cloud Key

    Innovative, functional and nearly invisible, our products and services work for your safety, efficiency and convenience.

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