From Road to Cloud – From Virtual to Real:

Our software-defined vehicle approach

Coming generations of vehicles are increasingly characterized by software-enabled functions. Decoupling software from hardware enables rapid and continuous development and implementation of new functions and software updates throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

A look into the future shows clearly: The importance of software for vehicles will increase significantly. Modern driver assistance systems will soon enable automated and fully autonomous driving. Data processing with artificial intelligence plays a central role in this development. As vehicles become part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and transfer large amounts of data to and from the cloud, the software is needed to process, manage and distribute all this data. As drivers increasingly see the vehicle as an extension of their digital living space, the ever more extensive content in the infotainment of the vehicle cockpit must be implemented and managed.

The road to cloud ecosystem

In a software-defined vehicle, functions are enabled by software. Decoupling software from hardware enables swift and continuous development & implementation of new functions and software updates throughout vehicle lifetime. 


Our approach: the road to cloud ecosystem. Within this we deliver enabling technologies, hardware components and complex software solutions and functions.

From Road to Cloud

In addition to the right enabling technologies, the separation of hardware and software is the basis for the software-defined vehicle. Just as with a mobile, functions can be added, thus equipping a car with special functions that provide more safety, a great user experience, and more sustainability in the vehicle.

With new vehicle architectures, connectivity solutions and a comprehensive hardware & software portfolio for almost all areas of the car, we provide technologically sophisticated and unique solutions for passengers and drivers.


Server-Zone Architecture: A modern vehicle architecture with the corresponding powerful components is an enabler for separation of software and hardware. The cross-domain server/zone architecture optimizes the vehicle system, enabling:


  • smart sensors and actuators
  • smart power distribution
  • reduction of wiring harness

Some solution samples:

Hardware and Software Separation: The separation of hardware and software enables high flexibility and scalability in the development and integration of new functions and systems during the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Within the road to cloud ecosystem, we offer many possibilities for the software stacks of the future.

Operating System / Middleware: In the context of software-defined vehicles (SDV), our operating systems (OS) and middleware are enabling technology with many advantages. 


  • EB tresos: Operating system and tools ECUs
  • EB corbos: Hypervisor, operating system and integrated development environment for HPCs

Software as a Product (SWaaP): Our SWaaP offerings cover a wide range of automotive and industry functions, including infotainment, navigation, advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle connectivity validation and developing tools.


Cybersecurity In-vehicle is a key aspect in the automotive sector, as connected vehicles are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Continental, in collaboration with Argus, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for vehicles, ensures that vehicles are protected from potential threats, keeping occupants safe.

Connectivity - a powerful integration of vehicles and fleets to the cloud is a prerequisite for development, services and functions of the software-defined vehicle.  We have the right technologies, products and partners for these requirements.


Some solution samples:


Cloud applications are the key to the software-defined vehicle. The cloud is both a central collection point and a central processing center for applications and functionalities. 

The cloud also plays a central role in the development of new software functions with Continental's own CAEdge framework.

CAEdge Framwork

From Virtual to Real

New technologies and the challenges resulting from them always place new demands on our customers and on us. Managing complexity, new architectures, integration and lifecycle are the pain points that need to be solved.

With the road to cloud ecosystem, we have the right solution for many industry requirements and can scale new systems into the market.


Virtualization/Digital Twin: Virtual ECUs and virtual vehicles in the cloud offer an innovative solution for the automotive industry.

These technologies speed up the development of the entire automotive industry. Systems can be developed and tested independently of the hardware, enabling flexibility, efficiency and scalability. 

Virtual ECUs will be hosted in the cloud, which means they will run on powerful hardware in remote data centers. 

System Integration: SDV is based on the concept that vehicles are increasingly controlled by software and the integration of this software must be seamless and efficient. We have many years of experience  integration of complex systems.

With the Continental CAEdge framework we offer the workbench for the development and integration of complex applications.

Continuous Development/Validation/Testing: Continuous development in the automotive industry is a crucial strategy for staying competitive and meeting evolving consumer demands. This approach involves ongoing refinement of vehicle design, performance, safety, and sustainability features through frequent updates and enhancements.

Testing and validation of vehicles are crucial steps in development to ensure that they meet high quality and safety standards. Our tools and workbenches cover the entire testing and validation process for SDV.

Continuous innovation and development of our solutions enable us to fully support our customers in developing complex vehicle systems and ensuring their quality and safety.

Lifecycle Management: Software-defined vehicle (SDV) lifecycle management is a key aspect in the development and maintenance of software-based vehicles. 

SDV refers to the ability to improve and adapt vehicle functions and systems through software updates and upgrades. 

With a comprehensive lifecycle management solution for SDV, vehicle manufacturers and operators can benefit from the following:


  • flexibility and scalability
  • increased efficiency
  • cost reduction
  • improved safety and reliability
  • customer loyalty and customer experience
  • future-proofing

OTA –Over-the-air Updates: With vehicles being more and more digitized and drivers being used to a digital lifestyle, it is essential to keep the vehicle software up-to-date at all times and to provide a convenient solution for the installation of updates and new functions. 
Continental is helping vehicle manufacturers across the globe to solve this challenge by developing an over-the-air update solution capable of keeping the entire vehicle up-to-date.

Our Solutions

Special components and solutions for a wide range of functional areas - made by Continental. Whether for autonomous driving, user experience or your fleet - our experts have the perfect solution - from components and software to development and integration.

Some solution samples:
Our partnership with Aurora
Driver Identification
Holistic Motion Control Software
VDO Fleet
Zonar Fleet Solutions

Enabling Technologies

With our technologies, we offer the appropriate foundations for all functions of the software defined vehicle. Comprehensive hardware solutions, our expertise in development and integration, and innovative technologies are the basis on which future functions can be built.

With standardized and modular solutions, Continental defines a new approach for the development of vehicle architectures and software. With Server Zone Architecture, Software as a Product and many other outstanding technologies, Continental offers a broad portfolio of solutions for the software-centric and software-intensive vehicle of the future.

Some solution samples:

High-Performance Computers (HPCs)
Zone Control Units (ZCU)
Intelligent Antenna Module (IAM)

Partners & Cooperations

Continental is therefore also working with partners to find the best solutions.

This strong collaboration enables us to provide innovative solutions for the user-centric and software-defined vehicle. All from one single, reliable source.


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