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  • New Generation of Electronic Brake Systems
    World Premiere Our New Brake System for Electronic Stability Control for Changan

    New generation of conventional electronic brake systems - MK 120 ESC begins production in the Chinese market

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  • iF Design Award 2023
    Continental is winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

    Luxury Minimalism Concept is successful again and wins the world-renowned design prize iF DESIGN AWARD

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  • Continental Verified Inspection
    Digital pre-departure check increases safety and efficiency in commercial vehicle fleets

    Increased safety and efficiency for commercial vehicle fleets with the digital pre-departure safety check Continental Verified Inspection

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eHorizon enables safety and fuel-saving functions

Continental and HERE have teamed up to offer holistic eHorizon solution for CVs.

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Cooperation of Continental and Infineon: Towards the software-defined vehicle

Continental develops innovative modular platform for electrical/electronic architecture using Infineon's high-end AURIX TC4 microcontroller. Joint introduction of RRAM technology for the automotive sector.

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The tachograph toll is coming: First OBU-less tolling service for truck fleets

Through the tachograph toll, tolling services for CV fleets no longer rely on OBUs

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E-Motor Rotor Position Sensor

Innovative high-speed Rotor Position Sensor utilizes inductive technology to detect the rotor position in a synchronous electric machine. It has many advantages over existing sensors as it is highly efficient, lightweight, more compact and standardized for use across a wide range of motors.

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German Design Award 2023

Multiple successes for our innovative user experience solutions at the premium award of the German Design Council

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Continental Enhances Kopernikus Partnership

Additional investment along with TGFS will further help Kopernikus in developing AI for multiple autonomous vehicle applications

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Continental Opens AI Lab in Berlin; To Support Future Mobility Solutions

Official inauguration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab, which will provide ideal framework and conditions for application-independent development for autonomous driving and robotics beyond our current boundaries 

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Continental FOSS Manifesto

The publication of our Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Manifesto emphasizes the importance of collaborative software development, essential for the mobility of tomorrow

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Continental AMR IL 1200 Nominated for IFOY AWARD 2023

Our AMR IL 1200 has been nominated in the category of Automated Guided Vehicle for IFOY AWARD 2023

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Green Caliper: More range through improved brakes

Enhanced braking with improved range as a sustainable solution

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