E-Motor Rotor Position Sensor: More efficiency and smoother operations for Electric Vehicles

Innovative high-speed Rotor Position Sensor utilizes inductive technology to detect the rotor position in a synchronous electric machine. It has many advantages over existing sensors as it is highly efficient, lightweight, more compact and standardized for use across a wide range of motors.

Continental is expanding its sensor portfolio for the fast-growing electric car market with the unveiling of a new innovative sensor. The high-speed inductive e-motor Rotor Position Sensor (eRPS) detects the exact position of the rotor in a synchronous electric machine, which helps to increase efficiency and enables smoother operations. Compared to existing resolver sensors, the eRPS is more compact and 40 percent lighter in weight. Existing solutions for rotation measurement are often based on the resolver principle (a rotary electrical transformer), which is complicated and needs to be adapted to each type of synchronous motors specifically. The eRPS, however, is a standardized component for every motor regardless of the number of pole pairs. It is easy to carry over this new sensor from one motor to another, making it an attractive option for electric cars. The start of production is planned for the end of 2025.

Comprehensive portfolio of sensors for the engine and battery of electric vehicles

The eRPS is extending Continental’s sensor portfolio specifically designed for electromobility to support both, road safety and electrification. With the Current Sensor Module and Battery Impact Detection, the company already introduced in the year 2022 two new solutions focusing on protecting the battery and/or on battery retention of electric vehicles.

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