The Trends of Tomorrow: Continental at the International Suppliers Fair

The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will be held in Wolfsburg from October 11 to 13.

At the leading trade fair for Europe's automotive suppliers, hundreds of companies will meet an interested trade audience and present their latest trends and developments in the automotive sector to the public. With the guiding theme of "Connecting Car Competence", the focus this year will be on connected vehicles and digitalized mobility in particular. Continental will therefore be presenting numerous products that illustrate the expertise as a leading automotive supplier. 


From supplier to innovator: The transformation in the automotive industry is not only affecting vehicle manufacturers, but also suppliers, who are facing new challenges. The complexity of modern vehicles and research into autonomous driving are so high that many individual innovations are needed to make the mobility of the future a reality.  

Continental itself is an active shaper of the automotive future. New braking systems increase safety and reduce emissions. Sensors and radar systems are the basis for intelligent vehicles and give safety-relevant driving assistants the data they need to make decisions. And new developments in display technologies allow a complete rethinking of the user experience, as Continental will be demonstrating at the show. 

Continental will be presenting the following products in detail at the trade fair. Further information can be found on the respective subpages: 

Reduction of emissions: Hydraulic Brake System for the mobility of the future 

Emissions such as particulate matter come not only from exhaust gases, but also from brake dust. When it comes to innovations for future sustainability and green braking requirements, both disc, caliper, and drum brakes therefore offer specific potential for future braking systems. At the IZB, Continental will demonstrate how emissions of CO2 and particulate matter can be reduced with the technologies "Green Caliper" and "Duo Servo Drum Brake" on the front axle and "EPB-Si" on the rear axle.  

Sensors for electrified vehicles: Providing more safety, performance, accuracy, and range 

Continental's broad sensor portfolio has been expanded to include sensors developed specifically for electromobility. With the "Current Sensor Module", the "Battery Impact Detection" system, and the “e-motor Rotor Position Sensor”, three important sensor innovations for electric mobility are being presented at once. This ensures the protection and longevity of the high-voltage battery in electric vehicles and the motor can be controlled with utmost efficiency. 


Brakes become motion systems: The MK C2 brake 

Classical brakes become software-based modules that actively improve driving safety. Continental is demonstrating this at the IZB with numerous developments, including the MK C2. The safe and efficient brake-by-wire system is an important step toward the Future Brake System. 

Keeping an eye on the surroundings: Satellite Surround Radar and ADCU 

The "Satellite Surround Radar" can monitor a vehicle's surroundings and thus provides the basis for state of the art driver  assistance systems functionalities. Thanks to a central control unit, Continental has made the entire system more efficient and performant. 


Charging without effort: Continental develops Charging Robots 

Continental is working on Charging Robots, which will take over the charging of electric vehicles in the near future. The fully automatic system recognizes when a vehicle is parked in a garage, for example, and then takes over the conductive charging process independently. 


Innovative display shape in the cockpit: the C-Shape Display Panel 

With the C-Shape Display, Continental has developed an individual and driver-centric display shape. The curved shape allows important information to be grasped safely and quickly and functions can be operated more easily. At the same time, the immersive design of the display enables harmonious integration into elegant, curved dashboard shapes. 


A look into the future: The "AMBIENC3" concept car 

With the "AMBIENC3" concept car, Continental is demonstrating the transformation from a purely functional vehicle interior to a mobile work and living space. With our innovative surface materials, Continental implements the mobility trends sustainability, individualization, modular interior design, electrification, and autonomous driving.