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eHorizon – Precise layers for different levels

eHorizon distinguishes between different types of content. Basically, our data is based on crowd sourced data collected by many different road users.
In the Continental.Cloud this data is prepared and provided for different applications as static or dynamic content in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD).

SD Map: for Navigation and Infotainment

  • Usage: Geolocation, Route calculation, Map display, Map matching, Guidance
  • Content: Road topology, geometry and attrributes, POIs, addresses, etc.

ADAS: for Driver Assistance systems

  • Usage: Level 1-2 ADAS functions
  • Content: Road curvature, slope, eleveation and enhanced geometry, etc.


HD: for Automated Driving systems

  • Usage: Level 3+ AD functions, precise vehicle localization
  • Content: Precise lane model, Road boundaries and barriers, Localization objects, etc.


Dynamic Content: Enrich all maps

  • Usage: Navigation & Infotainment, Driver assistance, automated driving systems
  • Content: Road weather, Construction areas, Parking, Road hazards, etc.

Continental eHorizon delivers services directly usable for assisted and autonomous driving

  • Based on crowd sourced data => always fresh information
  • eHorizon enriches and improves maps with relevant information
  • With eHorizon road database, create your own HD map


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