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Remote Vehicle Access Easily Managed

The RCK platform can easily support a use case of your choice that requires one to provide temporary on-demand access to a vehicle. While shared economy services like Car Sharing are obvious candidates, the platform can be used in applications like Vehicle Refueling or any other type of vehicle grooming services where the owner of the vehicle have to grant controlled access to the vehicle temporarily.


  • Customization – Having access to the service’s APIs allows easy integration of features into a business model’s work-flow.
  • Rentals/Car Sharing – Integrate the virtual key into the Rental App/Loyalty App
  • Fleets – Manage access to the vehicle based on jobs, schedule, vehicle & driver availability
  • Roadside Assistance – Retrofit existing vehicles with the ability to unlock remotely without the need for telematics
  • Spare Key – Use the phone as a key or share the vehicle with family members using the virtual key on the phone
  • Dealerships – Enhance the customer experience with ease of access to the vehicles in the dealership lot.
  • Vehicle Auction Houses – Key management, ease of access to the vehicle using the app.
  • Package Deliveries – Partner with E-Commerce companies to deliver packages to the trunk of the car
  • Vehicle Grooming – On site, on demand refueling service for the car, car washing or valet services, whatever the type of service that requires temporary access to the vehicle.


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