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IAA 2017: Fair Information

Making Mobility a Great Place to Live

The 67th IAA is scheduled to open its doors to visitors on September 14, 2017. The media preview will be held September 12 and 13, and Continental will hold its press conference on September 12.
With an attractive booth design, Continental will be presenting itself in the main suppliers’ hall 5.1, on a surface of 1,200 square meters. This information portal is designed to provide you with regular updates on the IAA 2017 and Continental's involvement.

Mankind is facing important challenges: increasing global warming, the growing population especially in cities and the increase in traffic. In this regard, companies across the world have a major responsibility to society. As a technology company that has made “The Future in Motion” and Automated Driving a top priority, Continental is facing the challenges head on.

We have formulated three major overarching objectives for ourselves, to which we can make significant contributions:

  • Cleaner air and fewer emissions
  • Connected mobility and new services
  • Greater safety and zero traffic accidents

Air pollution is an issue in many of the world’s major cities. The electrification of the different vehicles we will help to ensure that especially cities remain popular places to live by reducing emissions.
In addition to clean air, new mobility solutions and the intelligent transportation of people and goods make urban living spaces more attractive. Our developments in the field of mobility services are also already contributing to this objective.
Away from urban areas, it will be possible in the near future to spend our time doing things other than driving when on the highway, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies in the field of automated driving. These technologies will allow the driver to be fully relieved from the task of driving in more and more driving situations, turning the vehicle itself into a living space – where we can relax in comfort and use our time as we wish.
Improving quality of life is always the central focus of our activities. Wherever we may be, our lives should be safer, healthier, more comfortable, and more relaxed.
In this context, the concept of “living space” plays a crucial role. Mobility no longer refers just to movement, but also to a space that we can develop, shape, and use according to our ideas. We are working enthusiastically on this concept.
As a result, our theme for IAA in 2017 is: Making Mobility a Great Place to Live.

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