Connectivity is becoming a key technology for a Smart Mobility – Holistic connectivity is becoming a key element for shaping future mobility

Vehicle connectivity was once simply an added feature, now in the course of digitization it is becoming a key technology for intelligent mobility of the future. Therefore, Continental is developing solutions and services for holistic connectivity. The target is to enable a seamless online connection and to develop the entire vehicle into an open system. Holistic connectivity, in this respect, concerns all aspects of a connected vehicle – from the in-vehicle electronics architecture, through the seamless connection, to the services and the interaction between driver and vehicle. With this we are shaping future mobility.

  • Mobility Services
    Mobility Services

    Holistic connectivity is an enabler for new mobility services – Holistic connectivity will enable new mobility services. Examples are eHorizon, VoicR, vAnalytics or Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

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  • Holistic-Human-Machine Interface
    Holistic-Human-Machine Interface

    A holistic human-machine interface offers better and faster orientation and enables quick action in an increasingly complex networked mobile world.

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  • Comfort

    Making everyday mobility more comfortable. That is what our innovative solutions offer.

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  • Cloud Connectivity
    Cloud Connectivity
 , the efficient and secure solution for Holistic Connectivity

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  • Cyber Security
    Cyber Security

    At Continental cyber security is at the heart of the development of products and Services.

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  • Surface Materials
    Surface Materials

    We design automotive interiors, upping them to the level of comfort zones – with products of superior quality in terms of appearance and feel to the touch.

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