Continental@IAA 2017

Driverless Mobility

BEE - Balanced Economcy and Ecology mobility concept

Autonomous driving will influence the mobility of the future. Autonomous vehicle concepts provide efficient and effective solutions for the upcoming transport and mobility requirements of metropolitan regions and rural areas – therefore Continental provides the needed concepts and appropriate technology solutions. The Megatrend Urbanization has the need for a wide variety of mobility solutions – small and large so-called micro & macro mobility. That is why the technology company Continental is working on future-oriented mobility solutions and drives the development of cities to smart cities.

At this year's IAA, Continental will present the mobility concept BEE. BEE is not a prototype, BEE is a realistic mobility concept for individual urban transport. The technology and solutions this requires are currently at an extremely advanced stage of development.

The BEE, with its perfectly developed flocking behavior, is part of an entire mobility family in the urban environment of the future. © Continental AGThe BEE is designed for up to three people (two adults, one child). Two people can sit in the back and one in the front. It is generally envisaged for transporting two people (and their daypack).

The advantage of the BEE is that it can be used continuously. Over the course of the day the BEE can be used in city traffic for up to 350 kilometers, and for this it needs only up to one hour* maximum to recharge. During this time, it is possible to quickly change or clean the life module or to replace it with a transport module. During low-traffic periods, like during the night, the BEE can be used as a pure transport vehicle for inner-city goods transport.

Intelligent connectivity and communication plays a crucial role in the BEE concept, with the BEE using the latest sensor technology to continuously analyze its surroundings and the traffic. Different interfaces as well as state-of-the-art data capture and processing enable the BEE to communicate with traffic control systems, pedestrians and all other road users.

BEE vehicles are able to drive in an automated network (platooning). As a result, BEEs help to make more efficient use of road capacities in the cities of the future, and to avoid congestion.

The BEE vehicle concept is motivated and inspired by trends, technology and solutions that can already be found on our roads today or that are being developed and tested by Continental. Come and visit us at the booth and enjoy a Virtual Reality ride with BEE.

Continental is presenting its latest technologies and innovations on the topics of automated driving, electrification/electric mobility and connectivity at IAA 2017 under the strapline “Making Mobility a Great Place to Live.” You will find us at the IAA event in hall 5.1, booth A08.