Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life

Continental @ IAA2019 #LivingMobility

Mobility is the heartbeat of life. We feel the beat when we go to work, drop our children off at kindergarten, visit friends and family or go on holiday. But as the volume of traffic grows, the pace accelerates, and stress and risks increase. For the environment, too, more traffic poses a challenge that modern mobility concepts can master. Therefore, we are working on the ecosystem of mobility of the future, in which mobility, people and the environment are exist in a healthy balance. Our vision is this: zero accidents, zero emissions and zero stress. We are paving the way for this with innovative and efficient solutions for automated driving, electrification and connectivity.
At the IAA 2019, under the motto "Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life", we will be presenting products, solutions and services that make peoples mobile life safer, more environmentally friendly and less stressful.

Our Vision: Zero Accidents, Zero Emissions and Zero Stress

Making life easier

Getting somewhere is an essential part of our lives: Getting to work, drop the kids off at day care, visiting friends and family or just simply going on vacation. Continental cares about society’s needs and wants, as well as its evolution. Our technologies are intelligent and connected, making life easier.
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Where to find us

Hall 8, Booth A39

Continental invites you to visit our booth at the IAA 2019 in Hall 8, Booth A39. The booth tells you  our story behind “Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life” and our products are presented under three subjects:
  • Automated Driving
  • Connectivity
  • Electrification

Official IAA 2019 Website

Press Conference at IAA 2019

Watch our press conference at the IAA 2019 from September 10th.
At the press conference, our CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart reports on Continental’s strategy for the automotive industry in transformation.

Press Release


We take responsibility for the future.

We are actively working on the healthy ecosystem of mobility. Based on the current state of technology, effective environmental protection requires various drive technologies: Low emissions from combustion engines as well as electrified and purely electric drives. Continental makes these technologies affordable and reliable.
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Automated Driving.

For seamless mobility.

Characterized by autonomous driving and electric vehicles, future urban mobility concepts will improve the quality of life in cities. Vehicle automation will make an important contribution to accident-free and comfortable driving.  Seamless mobility will become part of everyday life and RoboTaxis will become an integral part of our mobility. Drivers can relax and concentrate on other activities and enjoy the ride while the car drives on its own.
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More safety, more comfort, more functions.

With information from other vehicles and from the cloud, connected vehicles detect obstacles on the road ahead long before they become dangerous. The networked vehicle learns automatically and adapts to the passengers needs. New connected services are emerging around the mobility concepts of the future, making driving more efficient and safer and thus also contributing to environmental protection.
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To all Hacking-Fans and Digital Thinkers

An event with Hackathons and Engineering Challenges will take place from 14th to 22nd September at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt! Continental proudly presents #Fiction2Science, where students, graduates and professionals are invited to compete in the fields of electrification, cloud & connectivity hackathon, and automated driving.