Continental Cockpit HPC

More "Wow!" for your car interior

What makes up the "Wow-effect" of a car? What is it that makes the difference? 
We blieve that that a real "Wow!" goes beyond what's visible at the first sight. Beyond the exterior design of a car. Beyond power and performance. In the future, the major difference will be made up by the user experience (UX) and software. The moment you enter a vehicle should be the moment you become ONE with it. 

The Cockpit HPC is our centerpiece of UX in the car. With the integration of all cockpit domains into one powerful High Performance Computer (HPC) it facilitates maximum personalization for users while offering maximum flexibility for vehicle manufacturers. The user-centric concept of the Cockpit HPC makes up a real difference - the real "Wow-effect" - for your car interior.

A peek into the future cockpit.

How high performance computers shape the user experience (UX)

In our free, 60-minute webinar, Continental’s Christof Menzenbach, Stefan Wagener, and Jochen Möller discussed how high-performance computers (HPCs) are enabling a superior user experience (UX) for the vehicle of the future. More than 400 UX-thrilled people signed up for the live session to get a glimpse into HMI innovations that will shape the future cockpit.

Couldn't attend live? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a recording of the webinar.