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System Engineering: Exhaust After-treatment & Efficient Powertrain Innovative and Efficient System Solutions for Vehicle Powertrains

Our solutions make mobility not only more powerful and environmentally friendly, but also enhance comfort and functionality. With a comprehensive portfolio of diesel, gasoline and alternative solutions, we offer our customers a full range of components. In Off-Highway we are facing globally increasing emission regulations. Continental can support you with various components such as sensors, catalysts, control modules, dosing systems, anti-vibration elements, drive belts, and various hose lines.

Solutions for upcoming emission legislations already existing from onroad applications.
  • Engine & SCR Controller Units / Software
  • SCR Dosing Unit & Injectors
  • Sensors & Actuators (NOx, PM, Temp., Pressure, Valves…)
  • Catalyst Substrates (incl. heated) & Filters
  • Heated Urea (DEF) Hose Lines
  • Connected / Learning Control for efficient Powertrain


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