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Sensorbox for Motorcycles

General Description

The new Sensorbox for Motorcycles is the second generation developed by Continental. The new Sensorbox is based on a modular concept that allows configuration of the measurement range according to customer expectations. The new Sensorbox for Motorcycles comprises up to six degrees of freedom (6DoF). The yaw rate, the roll rate and the pitch rate are measured in a scalable range up to 300°/s. The acceleration is detected in longitudinal, lateral and vertical direction. Based on the sensor signals and motorcycle specific characteristics the roll angle of a motorcycle is calculated. The pitch angle can be calculated optionally.

Sensorbox Key Features

  • Real 6DoF measurement unit
  • Yaw, roll & pitch rate sensing
  • Lateral, longitudinal and vertical acceleration recognition
  • Roll angle calculation
  • Pitch angle calculation (optional)
  • Signal distribution on CAN
  • Lead free


Many safety and comfort functions like traction control or (semi-) active suspension systems are already established on various motorcycles. Inertial sensor technology enables and/or optimizes these applications. Intelligent safety and comfort systems are inconceivable without inertial sensor systems ike the new Sensorbox for Motorcycles. Innovations in terms of motorcycle safety and comfort are a broad field, and not yet fully exhausted.

  • Traction Control
  • Semi Active Suspension
  • Adaptive/Active Lighting
  • Advanced Braking (e.g. Curve-ABS)
  • Automatic Stability Control
  • Advanced Rider Assistance Systems