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Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Business Unit Hybrid Electric Vehicle provides the main components for drivetrain electrification in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Development and production take place at locations in Europe, Asia and USA, so that the specific requirements of the regional markets can be answered in the best possible manner.

Electrical machines, power electronics and power net systems are available in various performance classes, ranging from 12V over 48V and up to 450V.

Electrification tailored to fit

Powertrain electrification comprises a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from micro-hybrids over mild and full hybrids up to pure electric vehicles. Continental has developed the main components in various designs and performance classes. The higher the degree of electrification, the greater the gain in efficiency and reduction of fuel consumption will be.

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Car Manufacturers
Car Manufacturers
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Private Customers
Private Customers
These products are unfortunately not available for trade as replacement parts or in the aftermarket.

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