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Simplify your Drive – Simply drive better!

Simplify your Drive

Everyone is different – every day.

That’s reason enough to ponder a vehicle concept that enables you to drive just the car you want at any time. Fridays it’s a sedan for a relaxing business trip, Saturdays a budget car for doing the week’s shopping, Sundays a sports car for dynamic driving fun.

The full range of possibilities in one vehicle

Our Simplify your Drive concept – unique worldwide – enables carmakers to invest just one vehicle with any number of driving identities. To achieve this, existing functions are bundled together with new ones in profiles that can be activated at the push of a button. This offers motorists maximum flexibility and the possibility of holistically experiencing all a vehicle’s functions.

Focusing on carmakers’ demands

This all-embracing approach – replete with a host of innovative solutions – gives the Simplify your Drive concept maximum flexibility. Different brands, customer groups and models as well as different markets and regions can be served without changing the hardware. The software is simply integrated into the existing vehicle architecture and adapted as required.

Car Manufacturers
Car Manufacturers
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Private Customers
Private Customers
These products are unfortunately not available for trade as replacement parts or in the aftermarket.

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