AutoLinQ-Easy connectivity


With Continental's AutoLinQ™ technology, drivers and passengers will be “Always On” and able to connect to what matters in their life. AutoLinQ™ connects vehicles to operate functions such as e-mail, social media, or to link to news channels and video portals.  All in a safe, meaningful and cost efficient way to meet the needs of consumers and car manufacturers. Our innovative HMI concepts allow an easy and user-friendly integration of smartphone functions, apps and online services from development partners and third-party providers into the car.

AutoLinQ™ technology is based on an open application framework. Continental ensures efficient system integration, including software security mechanisms that meet automotive requirements and secure access to backend server structures.

AutoLinQ™ offers different levels of integration. With AutoLinQ™Mobile drivers can safely and comfortably make phone calls and use smartphone applications whilst driving. Our embedded solutions offer additional functions such as a voice based user interface and text-to-speech technology. With our premium embedded solutions drivers can additionally operate multimedia and online functions entirely with the vehicles’ human machine interface.