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Tire Information Systems - Good for Safety, Good for the Environment

Tire Pressure Monitoring System and electronic-Tire Information System

Since 2002 we have been supplying electronic systems for automatic monitoring of tire pressure to carmakers. Today over 20 car manufacturers worldwide use our systems. In this way we make a major contribution to improving driving safety, ride comfort and environment protection.

The pressure inside the tire is measured, transmitted and indicated. In critical situations, a signal on the center console's instrument cluster, for instance, gives the driver timely warning of a drop in tire inflation pressure or a higher tire temperature. The driver can then stop the vehicle in time before a dangerous situation arises.

Properly inflated tires not only enhance driving safety, they also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This is because underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance, which in turn increases fuel consumption.

Scalable Platform Strategy

Our Tire Information Systems are based on a flexible platform with scalable functions and as few system components as possible. The Tire Information Systems can thus be easily integrated into all model lines.

Thanks to its modular structure, moreover, it can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with other comfort systems, such as, Passive Start and Entry (PASE) or Remote Keyless Entry (RKE).

Continental has developed two Tire Information Systems. Alongside the valve based Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the basic system for monitoring a tire's inflation pressure and temperature, we also offer the electronic-Tire Information System (eTIS) mounted inside the tire to offer cutting-edge innovative functions.

Advantages for Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Comprehensive system competence
  • Cost reduction thanks to integrated functionalities
  • Sturdy design, suitable for all standard rims
  • Full scope integration solutions, with chassis and tire expertise in-house

Advantages for Motorists

  • Monitoring of tire pressure and temperature
  • Early alert to pressure loss
  • Reduced fuel consumption and less wear on tires
  • Up to 3% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

Car Manufacturers
Car Manufacturers
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Private Customers
Private Customers
These products are partly available as replacement parts.

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