V2X Communication with M2XPro

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The so-called V2X OneBox is a product solution for V2X safety applications and contains all the necessary components for communication in real-time, the position determination (M2XPro), and the processing of the vehicle’s sensor information.

The Motion Information to X Provider (M2XPro) is an intelligent localization sensor which merges GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) information with the driving dynamics sensors (steering angle, inertial and wheel speed sensors) present in the vehicle and delivers a robust, extremely precise calculation of the vehicle’s current position. An integrity measurement supplies status information relating to the system state and data quality, information that is essential for the system’s selfmonitoring functions. Communication between road users is conducted via short-range radio over distances of 300–500 meters based on the ITS-G5 standard (in North America: Dedicated Short Range Communication IEEE 802.11p; in Europe: ETSI ITS-G5). This makes it possible to exchange safety-related information, such as vehicle position and dynamics or braking operations, with other nearby vehicles and the infrastructure, directly in near-real time. The V2X systems of all vehicle manufacturers are interoperable. Data safety and anonymity are ensured by the system architecture. Advantage: The information is not stored and is not attributable to any particular user.

With V2X it is possible, by appropriate warning, to eliminate hazards through cooperative assistance to vehicle intervention, before they become visibly noticeable. An impending accident scenario can therefore, for example, be classified earlier and more clearly. Response time is gained and the necessary protective measures can be targeted to adapt to the actual events. V2X is therefore another important building block on the way to accident-free driving (Vision Zero) and for automated driving.