Parking brake systems

Parking at the push of a button: our customers have the choice:

Conventional parking brakes:

Duo-servo brakes

A highly efficient, self-boosting drum brake, fitted in the brake disc hat. It is operated mechanically and is completely separate from the service brake. Its main field of application is premium-class vehicles and SUVs.

Combined caliper

The combination of service brake and parking brake in the classic FN or pinslider design is a cost optimized solution for vehicles in the lower and upper mid-size class.

Electric Parking Brake Systems (EPB)

In electronic parking brake systems, the parking brake is not activated by pulling on a parking brake lever, but by activating an electrical switch. In response, an electronic system controls the electrical actuators that are integrated into the wheel brakes. In addition to manual operation via the switch, these systems also offer a range of automatic assistance functions for enhanced safety and comfort. We offer various EPB system solutions for different rear axle brake configurations.

Shared advantages of EPB systems:

  • Simple operation at the touch of a button
  • Emergency brake function in the event of service brake failure
  • Implementation of various assistance functions for safety and comfort in conjunction with the electronic brake system
  • Since there is no parking brake lever, OEMs additionally have new options in terms of design in the vehicle’s interior.


The "caliper integrated" electric parking brake (EPB-CI) is a solution for floating caliper disc brakes. A floating caliper is combined with the components of an electric parking brake. The electrical operation takes place via an electronic system integrated into the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system. The system also consists of two electrical combined calipers as well as the EPB-specific operation software.

EPB-CI Elektrisch betätigter Kombisattel der EPB-Ci


The EPB-DS ("duo-servo") is a solution for duo-servo brakes. This is a highly efficient self-boosting drum brake, fitted in the brake disc hat. The EPB-DS is used especially in premium-class vehicles, sports cars, and SUVs in whose case separating the service brake and the parking brake is particularly important.

The system consists of two electrical actuators and an electronic system that is either separate or integrated into the ESC and has the EPB-specific operation software.

  Electrically direct activated duo – servo-parking brake EPB-DS


The electric drum brake with or without parking brake (EPB-Si) is a solution for vehicles with only drum brakes on the rear axle. The way a drum brake works is via the “simplex” principle.

The EPB-Si is especially tailored to smaller vehicles which to date have only been equipped with a mechanical parking brake.

In this instance, the so-called actuator is adapted to the virtually unchanged drum brake. The activation of the parking brake function is then controlled electrically by the integrated lever. The electronics are – as with the caliper version – integrated into the electronic stability program. This offers a high level of reliability at favorable costs.

Since the basic drum brake can remain nearly unchanged, a so-called mixed installation can be realized. One part of the platform receives an electrical, the other a hand operated parking brake function – this results in cost advantages for the vehicle manufacturer.