SensePlanAct - A multitude of information. One decision. The right action.

Intelligent controls for the mobility of today and tomorrow.

The direction is clear: the future of mobility leads to fully automated driving. Integrated active and passive safety technologies and products that support vehicle dynamics, are providing for ever more safety and comfort. Electronics are becoming increasingly more intelligent and thus create the best conditions for the realization of our Vision Zero, the vision of accident-free driving.

At Chassis & Safety, we understand our contribution summarized as “Safe and Dynamic Driving towards Vision Zero”. For us in the division it is therefore essential during the development of new products to consider all possibilities of networking. And this is true not only for products but also for the necessary cooperation and teamwork within and beyond the business units. As a result of networking individual components and from the perspective of our system approach we develop products and system functions along the chain of effects that form the foundation for automated driving.

The terms Sense, Plan, Act  define the fields in which Chassis & Safety products significantly determine driving as such. As a slogan that stands out, SensePlanAct stands for a continuous chain of effects that connects all the products and runs like a golden thread through all our activities. We very visibly convey this thread to where everything Chassis & Safety develops and produces comes into play: onto the road.

We will therefore continue to drive safety technology toward our vision of zero accidents and to make safety available to everyone around the globe. For one thing is sure: only the widespread use of active safety technologies will help to achieve the goals of the EU: to halve the number of road fatalities by 2020.

The Chassis & Safety division is one of five divisions of the Continental Corporation with the focus on developing and producing intelligent and integrated systems for a safer automotive future. Chassis & Safety integrates the full range of active and passive safety systems, resulting in comprehensive vehicle safety and dynamics.

Our structure reflects our core competences: vehicle dynamics for cars that are safe and a pleasure to drive are an integral part of our mindset. Globalization, growth, and excellence are the major strategic thrusts in our division.

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Passive Safety & Sensorics
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