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Drive and enjoy the enhanced vision at night

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Optimal night vision is essential particularly at night when the risk of an accident is twice as great as during the day.

Intelligent Headlamp Control enables better vision at night. Delegate the permanent tiring change of high and low beam to your ‘electronic co-pilot’. The system takes oncoming vehicles and those traveling ahead of the driver’s vehicle into account, ensuring that the headlamps are set to provide optimum lighting in any situation.


> Safe, relaxed driving through optimized lighting of the road

Here you can download more technical details.  

The above described function can be realized with the following technologies.

Multi Function Mono Camera – MFC


MFC increases comfort through recognition of traffic signs and lanes as well as controlling the high beams, therefore relieving the driver from strain.

Multi Function Stereo Camera – MFS


MFS makes the recognition of 3D objects possible and extends the emergency brake assistant function with pedestrian recognition. Forms the basis for premium functions for adaptive control of the chassis (e.g. magic carpet).

Further Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:

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Intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC)

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